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I Had a Dream

While attempting to study . . . I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Just like that song by Boston. “I closed my eyes and I slipped away.” The big breakfast probably did not help keep me awake.


I had a very weird dream. I think I saw the movies Spiderman too many times (once). Here’s what happened:


I’m naked and carrying a florescent yellow gym bag in my right hand (I have a bag like this I take to the gym). I’m able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m running from something, I don’t know what it is but I have to keep running fast. I’m breathing heavy. It’s a cold clear moonless night.


 I come upon a castle like hotel (reminded me of the Excalibur Hotel Casino in Las Vegas – a place I do not particularly like) and take a giant leap then I’m up on the rooftop. I’m still naked and I’ve smelly pooped (bathroom activity #2) myself. I reach into my yellow bag to get cleaned up and put some cloths on. I look around and there’s a large rooftop restaurant with nothing but clear glass walls everywhere. The tables have linen with lit candles and looks very romantic.


An older man at a table sitting with wife, both distinguished looking, both over 60 years-old, see me and they scream . . . “Terrorist!” (for some reason I thought they were college professors)


Naked, dirty and having been discovered,  I run to the roof’s edge and discover my powers are gone. I jump and start falling. I keep trying to grab onto the wall as I slide by;


Suddenly this dream stops and two real life personal associations (people) from a community center where I’m doing volunteer work show up and tell me I am no longer needed for service to the community by saying something like, “ We now know all about you now and there is no place for you here. You may no longer serve the community.”


I can’t take the shame of this and wake up. My heart was racing.
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