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School Daze

Tomorrow, Wednesday 6 ,2004 will mark my first day of participation in the law program at Saint Mary's College. I'll meet my law professors- a few from Boalt Hall (UC Berkeley Law) and one from Boston University</st1:placetype></st1:place> (my old school) Law.


In the morning I'm meeting with my therapist after which I'm looking at a place to rent near the school campus. This 5 bedroom house sits on 1 acre of country land and comes with two sheep dogs. One old Australian (I hope it doesn't die on me) and a young German Shepard. I love dogs.


The couple who own the house are retired and spend most of their time traveling Europe.


Since it's a day of formalities, I'm dressing up. Wool slack, blazer, tie, ect . . .

As soon as classes start I'll jump right back into my hiking shorts and tennis shoes. hee.. hee.. I'm fond of clothing from Land's End.

The afternoon will be spent with my academic advisor and law cluster program orientation group.


The evening requires I attend a formal reception and invocation by the Chaplin of the College, the service a non-denominational social event. I was told to, Show up or else. I wonder what that meant? God will get me if I don't? Don't ever want to get on the bad side of a nun or a priest.


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