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I met the cows of Saint Mary’s College

I was the butt of a practical joke last night.



Orientation for the law studies program at Saint Marys was being held at the Tom & Marjorie</st1:placename> Soda Center</st1:place> (Soda Center), a large conference center building towards the back part of the main campus> 

Saint Marys College has a very pastoral campus; deer grazing with their fawns is a common sight. Wildlife and flowers abound throughout and Im not talking about the undergrads.


Walking towards the rear of the main campus I became lost and did not know where the Soda Center was so I asked two young girls for directions. They were giggling while they were talking to me-I though it had to do with being dressed in a suit and tie. The two girls were dressed in sweat pants and pullover hooded sweaters.


One girl tells me, Just keep walking straight up this hill, youll cross a large parking lot. Keep walking straight. It will start to get dark but dont worry. The Soda Center will show up as a brightly lit building near the top of the hill.


I thanked the two young women and began my uphill trek.


Sure enough the parking lot was right where the ladies said it would be and I crossed the parking lot. I kept telling myself Keep walking straight. Sure enough it started to get very dark-just like the ladies said. I kept walking straight. After about ten-minutes there was no concrete sidewalk underneath my feet and I was walking on a dirt pathway. I stopped to look around; it was completly dark with no lights anywhere. Then I hear, MMOOOOOOOooooo. I was standing five-feet from a live cow grazing on the dark hillside.


 Welcome to Saint Marys College lawyer_scum. You wanted a pastoral college  you got pastoral college. Be careful for what you wish for, you might get it.
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