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Civil Procedure Lecture

I have this one woman in my Civil Procedure class from New York City. She’s the most rabid N.Y. Yankee fan I have ever met. She is still extremely crestfallen over the Boston Red Sox World Series victory. The professor for civil procedure graduated from the law school at Boston University, which is where I did most of my undergraduate work.

Miss New York City is venomous and highly provocative over any subject that even mentions Boston. The opening night of Civ. Pro. Lectures the prof commented he graduated from the Boston University Law School and I watched Miss New York bury her head on her desktop and moan something inaudible. Later, she took occasion to argue some inane point on Tort Reform Law with venom dripping from her lips. She has a natural mean streak. This really bothers me because I find her physically attractive and look forward to seeing her in class.
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